There is no prosperity without hard work and honesty.

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A friend came over and the discussion started over, how the world is drifting toward the different side of the value system. How the values are changing. And then he started defending, how the changing value system is the right one. I asked him, what’s right with having the wrong value system. He shared an incident. He went to a Mall and parked his car. He was supposed to pay for the parking. When he was coming out, he felt good as he did not have to pay. The parking guy was on the other side of the lot. He went shopping and there the shopkeeper returned him an extra 100 bucks. He knew he was calculating wrong and the poor guy was not losing. And anyway the departmental store guy was, where does it matter to him. Anyway, they charge so much. So is it a justification for own wrongdoing? Where does it matter, he earns so much. Anyway, he took out the purse and he found out that he did not have his Rs 500 note in it. He started making face, thought for a while, and realized he must have dropped it while making a payment. He had that before he shopped. Then he tried saying, it’s ok but he was uncomfortable the whole time. I asked him, do you want to talk about it because if I would say something, it would sound like a lecture. He said, it’s ok, I know what has happened.

Do we really know? My daughter came in with her class results. She was feeling sad. I asked her, that she had practiced that previous night, how come she did not know the answer. She looked down and said mommy when you gave me the test and you were not around, I looked into the book and wrote a few answers. I sat and explained. That cheating gives a short-term success but handwork brings long-term success. at that time, she got success, and now in exams she lost, where it was her real mettle. She wanted prosperity of marks, but because she cheated, she lost it. In the next one, she did not and she got success!

The same way is our life. Everything comes back. There is no abundance without hard work and honesty. Somewhere we would lose, we would lose more than we had cheated for. So follow the values. They have been written and taught for a reason!

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