Children need to be trained on money from the beginning. So that they can handle their finances with confidence in the future.

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My daughters were three years old and they wanted to use the I-pad. Finally, after requesting for many days, I agreed and I told them, see it is an expensive thing and you have to be very careful. You sit on the bed and then you can draw your art on it. But be careful. They learned that and when their cousin came over, they picked up the 5000 amount from somewhere and told her the same. It is for 5000, so you use it carefully. She went and told her mother for another thing that it is for 5000, so use it carefully. My sister did not appreciate the fact that children are being trained on money and they are told about the value of things from the beginning. And I told her about many incidences where she had lost her money because she did not know the value and she could not ask for her rightful money. BEcause we were told that, we shall not talk about money. If we talk about money, it is a bad thing. She recalled that she gave money to her friend but she could not ask for it even when she needed it and she ended up losing her friend. She also recalled similar incidences.

Another lady shared her experiences. She shared that her parents never talked about money in front of her. She does not care about money. However, at that time, she was going through the worst financial crisis of her life. I asked her if she wanted money or not and she wanted it. Then she has to start caring, there is no other option. She shared how her cousin duped her and they could and she could never ask or discuss. How many others, duped her as she could not ask. But now, she was starting her own business. So she had to be very careful about money has to ask with grace rather than feeling bad about it.

Please train your children about money. It is an essential part of life. Train them with love and also the priority of the relationships. But do not let them grow in oblivion that they do not know its importance in life.

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