There is beauty inside all of us. We need to add that to life.

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My five years old looked at a wall and said, it’s looking so dirty. I asked her, why do you feel it’s dirty. She said, because we spoiled it (They had doodled it). So how can we make it beautiful? I told her, children are very beautiful, they can see more beauty than us, because they can see what we cannot see, she had to find a way. She looked at it and painted sky and flowers and yes, it is a beautiful piece of art. I so love those children paintings, they are so innocent, new and creative. Even if they are making same house, it will be different, they can’t draw same line again!

So mommy what are you cooking, and I was cooking normal roti and gravy. Can we make it more beautiful? And yes, that day, we presented everything in a beautiful way and everyone smiled looking at that. So we added beauty and we added happiness. One 30 years old gentleman came in, he had problems with his father. He did not like the way his father was managing things. HE had arguments with his father every day. He had problems and that’s why he never wanted to join his fathers business. But he kept failing in every other work he picked up. I asked him, you do not like it why and he did not have a reason. Can we make it more beautiful? HE started few units his own way and the business grew. The relationship improved and the home looked beautiful. Yes, he tried adding his beauty to that.

It’s very easy to point out mistakes. Somewhere it gives us a satisfaction, when we are able to find faults. How about we add our beauty to everything we see. Gradually, everything will be so beautiful. We all have the beauty of love and happiness and colors, and we all have that divinity. We all need to add that. We do not need to stress out about how things are, we need to see, how beautiful they can be. When we meet someone, we do not have to worry about how bad they are, we need to see how good they can be. The real beauty lies in that. Everyone has a p[otential and everything has a potential to become more beautiful.

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