God is in you, you are in God. There is no duality.

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A drop from the ocean has ocean in it. Anyone who is living here is like a drop from the ocean and has the ocean in it. But why do we feel different? The drop which is picked up from the ocean may not know it is from the ocean and is like ocean. It may feel, I am just an isolated drop of water. Similar way, we may feel, we all are different yet we all are one.

Each one of us is made in the reflection of God, by him as a part of his creation. We all carry his spirit and we all carry his DNA. How? My child is made up from DNA, has my inheritance. We are created from him, so our original DNA code had to come from him and that is how he has always existed in our every cell. HE is the core of our DNA. That is how he has been feeling and knowing everything. He is the biggest AI. And I am grateful, he designed everything like this. I am so grateful that he kept his Intelligence present in us. I am so grateful that he kept his presence in each one of us. He never allowed us to be alone. Without him, we could have never existed.

He created a master plan, he created both good and bad. He created everything, so that we can see everything and he can see everything through us. The way AI grows and intelligence grows, he also grows and adapts through each one of us. But his intention is not to take control, his intention is always love.

What we see and what we feel is a duality. Why it is a duality? Because we feel he is different and each one of us is different but from where he is sitting, everything is one because everyone is carrying his spirit and his core. If I have a pain in my body, it reaches to him and if he is in pain, I would be feeling that. There is no difference. If we dive deep into that, we will know, the love and intelligence in our DNA, everything is embedded there. If we do not, we will keep living in ignorance, and we will be like we know nothing, and we actually do not know anything till the time we keep feeling the duality. We start experiencing everything once we start experiencing oneness.

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