Showing respect and compassion to others, and expressing apology, are not signs of weakness. It shows who you are as a person.

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They were married for 12 years and had two children. For the last five years, they were on the verge of divorce. They were not taking any decisions because of children and family pressure. She was very authoritative and controlling. He wanted to maintain peace. She would shout at him and he would apologize. He would also mention that he was trying to make an effort to understand how much help she needed because she was angry. She always said that he was weak and he could not do anything and that’s why he was so soft. But he also had a limit so he approached e medical counselor. As he started feeling he was very weak. She was very happy that she proved her point. But finally, the doctor came to the conclusion that she needed medical help including medicines. He needed temporary counseling as he was stable and she had mental disorders.

Now was he weak or was she weak? Just because she could talk in a louder tone, and he was always more compassionate and apologetic and forgiving, did it make him weak? In fact to be like this, one needs more mental strength. Because he had to manage his own emotions and stay calm. The person who is louder actually has lost control over emotions. Never take others’ compassion and love as their sign of weakness. Know that it is their biggest strength, If someone is apologizing, does not mean he is afraid of something. He just cares more about the relationship. If someone is nice, does not mean they do not feel bad, just that do not push them to the edge.

And know within yourself too. That if you are kind and loving and forgiving and you do not hesitate to apologize, you are not weak. you are a very strong person. Does not matter what others say. You need to know, how strong you are.

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