The only way to improve life is by improving our karma.

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I realize the importance of the stories which are told when children are small. Those stories are kind of my guidelines in life. So here goes another one. Two friends went to an astrologer to know about their future. The astrologer said that, one would become a king and one would be crucified. The one who thought had to die, started doing a lot of good things, thinking that if he had to die, he should do all the good he could. The second one thought that he would be a king and he should live like a king. He became arrogant, he started hurting people, he involved himself in a lot of gambling, alcohol and many vices like these. It kept going on and they both forgot what the astrologer had said. Because of their changed behavior, they kind of parted their ways. They met after 10 years and cracked the joke that one never became a king and one was never crucified. They both decided to meet the astrologer again and found him. He said that it’s not possible but he decided to look at their charts again. He asked if the one who was to be crucified was pricked by a needle sometime and the one who was supposed to be coronated found a pouch of coins and they accepted. The astrologer started laughing, saying, one did so much good that his bad was averted and he was only pricked. The one did so many bad things that he lost the coming fortune.

Yes, the karma comes back to everyone. In this life and in many lives to come. It would never lose it’s path. It’s like a target missile, which would hit the target once set. However, if someone is facing bad times, the only way to improve things is start doing good. When we do bad to others, we pile up bad karmic results. So when we start doing good to others, we start gathering good ones. I guess, that’s why our scriptures on every occasion talks about one or other form of charity. Somewhere, it starts helping others.

Do good always. Think good always. Continue good and thinking good is a part of doing good. It’s irrespective of what others are doing.

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