Getting an opportunity to serve parents is the biggest blessing of God. Serve your parents with love and respect.

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One gentleman came over to meet. He was going through a divorce and he was slipping into depression. He did not want to divorce, but his wife was not ready to live with his parents. He was the only son. I asked him what he really wanted? He shared that he had tried everything but it was not working. She did not want to live with his parents. And the reason was, there was as such no reason. Were the parents interfering? No! Did they say anything? No! She simply said that, all of my friends are living without in-laws and they have a free life. They come and go anywhere, they party and they do anything they like. And are the parents stopping from that? No! It’s just that in her mind she felt that she has to behave more, follow some routine when they are there, and also though servants are there, she loses her freedom because they are around as she has to get up and ask them, if they needed anything. O asked the gentleman, why he was not ready to leave them? His answer was simple, they are my parents. They are not doing anything bad, so why shall I leave them? Second thing, she is running away from responsibilities and tomorrow she would run away from some other responsibility. She can’t even respect the people around, I cannot be with a wrong person.

In another scenario, a 65-year-old gentleman slipped into depression because his daughter in law was treating him very badly. She would shout at him about everything. He would eat and his hands would shiver and things would spill, she would scream at him. Even if she was serving tea, she would shout at him and taunt him like she was obliging. He wondered if it was possible to live in an old age home instead of getting humiliated everyday?

Whatever we are, a major part of this is contributed by our parents. We are able to stand up because of them. We came into this world through them. A mother sacrifices her body to create a child. Yes, she wanted a child but we cannot ignore her efforts just by saying this. She wanted a child but no one asked her to raise the child with love and respect. Parents are not objects, that someone keeps them. They are individuals and they have individual needs. They need to be served with love and respect. it’s a blessing of God, that God is giving us an opportunity to serve them. When we serve parents, we serve God. Please serve your parents with love and respect. Not like a task but like a part of being.

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