The one who hasn’t paid back his parents with love and respect is the poorest of all.

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Even till the age of 35, he was struggling financially. His parents kept supporting him and they also supported his family. They supported his wife and kids. He always said one thing, it was not my decision to get married. They asked me and now they have to take care of everything. Then it was whose decision to have children. Anyway, at the age of 35, he shifted to Canada (Where a lot of money was sponsored by his mother). She spoke to some of her old friends, helped the couple in finding a job and they both started a new life that was full of abundance. After two years, he asked his mother to visit him. She had a happy time there and she came back satisfied. His father died and he started cutting corners as he started feeling that his mother might ask to shift with him. She did not need financial support as she had enough savings and also a pension. He bought a new house but did not tell his mother and whenever she tried asking, if she could visit him, he gave one or another excuse. she was 78 years old, alone in a big house but she was strong. She cried silently but she could not talk. he was growing financially and one day, she had a cardiac arrest and left this world. He did not come back to cremate her. Her last rites were done by her brother.

I have heard many stories like this and I always wonder, where have we reached. Parents are considered an additional responsibility rather than a blessing. Yes, they are a responsibility but they are a blessing too. They are the source of love and abundance and they deserve every love and support they need. They do not need to live in retirement homes, they need to live with their family. They also deserve everything. Just because they are old, does not mean, they do not need to have new clothes or different tastes in food or some TV entertainment. They also, need to have a mobile, where they can talk to their friends and laugh and giggle.

Do not treat them as a piece of emotionless rock who do not need anything. They are a roof over our heads and their blessings are the blessings of God. Everyone has God inside if we believe in and they do too. If we consider they have God inside, then their blessings are God’s blessings and their happiness is God’s happiness.

They might have done some mistakes while raising us and we are doing those mistakes too. But they did their best and they deserve our best.

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