Compromising values does not bring success. Working hard with honesty will.

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He was 40 years old and wanted to earn a lot of money. He grew up with a lot of money but as fate would have it, they lost it all. He reached a point where I am ready to do anything to get money. He did get an opportunity. Everyone is tested! He could earn a few crores and then, everyone’s health started suffering. He proudly said that everything is acceptable! But then, how long would it stay. He lost it all again along with his health. Deep down, he knew what had happened. Yes, money earned dishonestly, will always take away health.

He started from zero. He grew up with his uncle as his parents died in an accident. His aunty always feared that he would ask for his share in his business. Technically, he did have a share because it was his father’s business too. However, they had a justification that the Uncle worked hard for it. When he grew up, he wasn’t paid his share and he was kicked out of the house saying, he had already eaten up his share. For so many years, they had been feeding him. Let’s not talk about what happened to Uncle. He went to Gurudwara, started doing petty jobs and then more and then construction site and he also started thinking that how could he start his own construction company. How could he start building? He did. He gave some suggestions to the employer once, and he loved them. he hired him and started liking him. He started growing in the company and in a few years, he was able to establish enough network to start his own company.

Work hard

Work with honesty

Have a vision

Universe wants to bless you, and support you. Compromising values does not bring success. Working hard with honesty will.

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