God is the source.

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Once a sage visited a king to seek some help. The king was in his worship. When the king came out of the royal temple, the sage asked him, what were you doing inside. The king smiled and replied that I was asking for everyone. You, me, my people. The sage got up and started leaving. The king asked him to state what did he need and the king genuinely wanted to help. But the sage smiled and said, even I can ask from the one, from whom you are asking. He is the source.

There was a lady, who was feeling very insecure. She felt that what would happen to her if something happened to her husband. She would not let him go anywhere, she would not let him meet his friends. he felt suffocated and that affected their relationship. But once she realized, it was all her fears, and the main fact which helped her in realizing was, that when she was small, she was being taken care of, even when she did not have any senses or any capability of her own. Why did she think that she would not be taken care of? And her husband was not leaving anywhere. He was right there. By possessing him, she was making him wanting more to leave. After that, she gave him space and their relationship prospered.

He grew up in a financially tight environment and he was always scared that what if tomorrow he would not have enough money. His wife came from an abundant family and she always told him that he did not have to worry about anything. He shared that he felt like proliferating funds in the office, to create a secure future. She explained to him that, that would only worsen the situation. And if the money has to go, it would go anyway. But when he would have faith, he would be able to keep it more stable. He understood and learned that God is the source and he did not have to do anything wrong.

Now, on the other side, I met a girl. She was from a very weak financial background but she managed to complete her college and secure a job. She always said, that, whenever she needed something, she sat in front of the God and told him that this is what I need and it got arranged.

Know that he is the source. Have faith in him. Depend on him. Do no bad and he is always there.

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