It does not matter what others say, we need to trust ourselves and continue doing good.

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At the age of 23 she felt that she was losing to life. She did not know if she could make it in life. She got married and after getting married, she realized, her husband wanted to get married to someone else. Because he was forced into getting married to her, he constantly criticized her. He criticized her and his family too criticized her. Within two years, she reached to a point, she did not know, if she had to walk left or right. If she would walk left, she was scared, someone would comment upon that and if she would walk right she would be and if she kept standing, she was again criticized. She started feeling like a rock sitting on the ground all the time and everyone started calling her same. She felt like a burden. She walked out but she did not have the confidence. I asked her, how did she feel about everything? And how did she feel about herself? Its not what others think of her, its about what did she think of herself. She had to work hard on rebuilding the self image and she did. She started telling herself, how she wanted to feel about herself rather than what others have been telling her.

She was able to take up a small job and she also started teaching small kids around her house. When she started teaching them, their mothers started coming to her and started appreciating her and she realized she is helpful to many people. (Somehow, I feel, giving always helps a lot. It activates a Universal energy which starts taking care of you.) She got her confidence back and she started her own company too. All this happened when she started believing in herself and she started telling herself, how she wanted to be rather than what others are telling her.

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