The first healing happens in the mind when we start seeing ourselves healthy and in brighter light.

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Why am I writing everyday about good karma and healing?

Because I know, we all need it right now. Where ever we turn around, we have the news of death and sickness. This Earth needs more and more healers.

Can anyone heal?

Yes, everyone is a healer. Everyone is made in the reflection of God. God created all of us with love. We all have that healing and love inside us which we all need to heal.

So what can be done?

Our mind is a super power. It is connected with a bigger power. We need to re-establish that connection. If our mind can see us in the brighter light and healthy, it will give a message to the body that you are healthy and the body will start responding to it accordingly. So many patients who have suffered from various terminal diseases have shared this experience that when they started focusing on health rather than having the fear of death, they started recovering and they were able to fight the disease.

So what do we have to do?

Sit and see yourself in the brighter light or in the light. If you cannot see yourself in the brighter light, see yourself in an open space full of light and see yourself healthy and smiling. Human mind works on images and it will start processing same. Whatever we focus upon grows stronger. When we will focus upon a healthy body, it will start happening. Then start telling yourself I am healthy or thank you, God, for making me healthy or thank you God for giving me a healthy and long life. Whatever you feel comfortable with.

If you are unable to do the focus out of fear, start writing. Start writing the above statements. It will start supporting your medicines. It will start guiding you to a good line of treatment. the treatment will start responding better.

I really pray for everyone’s health and happiness. May God bless everyone with lots of abundance of health.

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