Do as much as good you can and hold all the good thoughts for each other. Let’s place this world in a happy and healthy light.

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Whenever someone has come to me to discuss their health issues, the one common reason I have found is their stress and thought process. More it is negative, worse is the health condition. And when I have seen a person healthy even in the twilight years, the reason has been a positive thought process. I look at my principal from school, who always looks the same. Even after 30 years and when I ask him his secret, he laughs and says, it’s the good karma and the positivity. And I agree with it so much.

I have seen the affect of positive karma. How when we help each other, or we help unconditionally, in the time of need, it starts helping us. How the good karma comes back. The karma also includes how we think about each other. If we are holding bad thought process for someone else, or we don’t do anything bad, but we desire bad for others, we are doing bad and more than for others, we are doing bad to ourselves. I remember a case, where he used to curse his estranged wife, and all what he used to curse started happening to him. His things started changing, when he started blessing his wife.

Create a happy and healthy picture of your life and this world in your mind. If you are unable to do that, write it down. Start doing good. Where ever you can help, start helping. Where ever you cannot help, start praying. When someone is sick or in tough times, do not think, he is just like that, something like this had to happen to him. Start doing and earning honestly. Start wishing best for everyone. Start setting the intention everyday that I have a healthy life and this world is healthy.

This is a collective crisis, we need collective prayers and collective good karma.

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