The ego in your mind will bring you down and the love in your heart will take you high.

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Question: is ego bad?

It is bad when we let it take control of our senses.

IS it good?

If it’s only an identity with self, it is ok asit helps in protection.

How it can take control of our senses and thought process? When does it become self destructible?

There were two boys in the college. One used to smoke and other did not. The one who was smoking, provoked the one who was not. The later one said that it is bad for health and I am not smoking. However, after a few days, the smoker friend said that you do not have guts to smoke. You are scared. In one moment, the second one gave up and started smoking. In the first scenario, the ego was protecting him as he knew that it is bad, “I” as a person will not smoke. It is MY value system. But in the second scenario, he was consumed by ego when his friend provoked him, he coulkd not think beyond ego and started smoking. He was on the path of self destruction.

What can keep a check on ego? Which path is the right one?

Only love can keep a check on ego. That’s why, God who is epitome of love or who is love himself, when we surrender to him, we have surrendered our ego, keeps a check on our ego. In Mahabharata, there is a story. Once mighty Bheem was consumed by ego that he was the most powerful man. Lord Hanuman decided to guide him. He sat in a park as an old monkey with a long tail. Bheem was crossing the path and asked the old monley to remove his tail from the path. Hanuman said that as he was old, he could not do it, so Bheem himself could do it. Bheem tried doing it but could not and then he surrendered and asked for guidance. He realized that it was only his ego that he was feeling his power. He was powerless in front of God as he could not move even the tail of an old monkey.

A man full of ego, surrenders his ego, when it comes to his own children because of love. Only love can keep a check on ego.

If we really want to grow in life, we need to think from the perspective of love and it will always guide us in the right direction. When we follow love, we follow God and we follow victory. Lord Krishna who was the embodiment of love, was with Arjuna without any arms and armaments. Still Pandavas won the great battle because Krishna was with them. When we follow ego, we go against the nature. We go against the creator.

FEel the love in your heart and then move forward. Surrender your ego to him and then take guidance, you will always take a right step in the life. You will always grow in life.

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