A positive mind, loving heart, sharing hand, honest deeds, healthy diet, fresh air, and sunlight, it all makes us immune to every bad thing.

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She called up late night. She was scared. Her husband had died a few years back. Her daughter had Covid, and she was scared for her other children. She was also scared that what if she would get infected? No, she was not selfish. She was scared that who would take care of her children, if she would get affected. Who would cook for her children? What if she would die in this, her children would be orphaned. She was having all sort of fears and her mental strength came down. She felt a kind of head ache, then sleep less nights and then little feverish. She wondered if this was the time. But she rested, relaxed and she felt better. So it was not fever as in fever, it was her anxiety and stress. She asked, how she could protect herself and her family? In the same way, many asks, how we can protect ourselves in such times?

Here is the answer.

  1. First we need to know, a positive mindset is very important. A negative mind, will bring down our immunity. So many times people call and share that they had a fight, they were angry, and they fell sick.
  2. Feeling love in the heart, keeps our vibrations higher and also it makes us stronger. When we are angry or have any other negative emotion, we scum to one or other disease. If not COVID-19, we would develop something else.
  3. We need to eat healthy. We need to eat natural food. We cannot expect ourselves to eat all the junk and preservatives and then expect to stay healthy. It’s like if a car needs petrol, and we keep adding kerosene oil, how long the engine would stay healthy.
  4. We need to share and we need to give. We need to give unconditionally just to help. We can feed poor, we can help people in whatever we can. How it brings the immunity? It brings Universal love. And that becomes our armor. It has the power of someone else’s prayers. When someone has fallen sick, things are not working out, one or other form of charity is always suggested. So why not in regular life?
  5. We need to work honestly and think honestly. If we have bad Karma, we cannot expect to have a healthy life. I have seen so many people having a very bad health in the older age, who have done dishonest things. On the other hand, who have lived life honestly, you can see them with such a beautiful health in the olden age. Yes, we need to have good Karma.
  6. We need to take fresh air and sunlight. They are a natural healer. We need to stay connected with the nature. Even plants cannot live without sunlight or fresh air. How can we? We are created by nature from its various parts. Without nature, we start dying. So take ample sunlight and fresh air. Spend more and more time in nature. The nature will protect you.

All the things are not difficult. They can be done easily, and we will become immune to everything. Yes, even the bad things in life because everything will come together always to protect. have faith. have a happy, healthy, abundant life. May everything is healed.

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