The difference between good and bad is the difference in intentions. Know them genuinely.

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We were watching the movie “The school of good and evil”. My daughter asked me what is the difference. Both are killing someone else. I asked her when you fight with your sister and she hurts you, would you do, she said, I would fight back and may hurt her again. What if, she hurts you by mistake and that injury is bigger than the one you got when she hurt you purposefully? I know, she did not want to hurt me, so I would forgive her and say, it’s ok. Because you know the intention behind it.

That is the difference between good and evil. The difference is intention. The good is killing someone else to protect or let’s say, for a good cause. The bad is killing for personal gain or for power. She understood.

We all need to know and accept our intentions genuinely because that decides the result and what we have actually done. If our intentions or the cause are genuine and good, it’s a good thing we have done. If it has been bad, it is a bad thing we have done. I remember a few years back a gentleman said that whenever he helped someone, he always thought first that how he could take advantage of that person ion future. So did he actually help or not? And I would say, he helped but not genuinely. Instead, he should have said openly how he meant to get the return favor. And he also felt that his help always fired back and exactly, that’s the reason.

Our intentions set the energy of the world in motion. If we have a genuine and positive intention then it sets a positive cycle, so brings back positive results. If it’s a negative intention, we get the results otherwise. The choice is ours.

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