Every step taken with ego is a step away from him and taken with love is a step towards him.

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It’s like a conversation with God. Where are you, why is it difficult to reach you? He smiles and says, is it really difficult? When have you not been able to reach me? When have you asked for something and not received it? Well, I guess always. Then why do people feel that it is difficult to reach you?

Because they have been told so. I reside in your heart. I live in love. I am another name for love. When someone calls me with love, I am there. You cannot win me over with ego. When it’s love, I also surrender. The problem is not me, the problem is ego. When someone wants to take over me with ego, they can’t reach me. I am bigger than anyone’s ego but I surrender and reach to every part of you with love. I am love. So when you call me with love, pray with love, I am there. Duryodhan did not get me because he wanted to win over me with his worldly things which by the way were given by me only. I went to eat what Vidhur had to offer because it was full of love. I am hungry and my food is love. When something is full of love, I go to satiate my hunger. With me comes everything. So it’s with love comes everything.

When Yashoda maa was trying to bind me with her ego, she could not. When she surrendered and asked me with love, I tied down myself in her love. The only way to reach me is through love. People can’t surrender ego, so they think that it’s difficult to reach me. When you do something with love, you already take a step toward me. Or let’s say, I take a step toward you, because I need love.

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