One needs to stay positive in any negative situation to get out of it.

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A girl came over to discuss her problem. She was stuck in some office situation. She was unable to solve it. I asked her, how would you feel if you have solved it and it was over. She looked at me like it was never possible. I asked her, in your mind do you feel it will be solved? She said no! I have turned so negative. She sat and wrote how would she feel when it will be solved. In a few days she called back, things were solved and had become better.

She had so many fights with her husband. She felt that she would soon be divorced. She had started focusing on divorce. I asked her if she did not want a divorce, then how she wanted her relationship to be. She cried and then started focusing on how she would want to see her life after 10 years. Hola! She smiled and then wrote. Things started becoming better.

His child was always sick. He wondered how his child would be healthy. He started focusing on this thing that how his child was healthy, and how he was appreciating his child’s health. After much focus, he was able to focus on that. Everyday, he started doing that and his child’s health started improving.

Focus on what you desire. Stay positive and things will start solving.

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