The closer we will be to nature, the healthier we will be.

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So many times we all must have experienced that we are stressed, and we take a walk in the fresh air. Someone said, I like to clear out my head.

So many times, we are tired and exhausted and we sit under a tree and we start feeling better. We feel a new energy.

A mother shared that her daughter used to fall sick very often. She started taking care of a plant and as the plant started growing, she also started becoming healthy.

We want to go to Jungle for the holidays.

We want to have more and more plants at home.

We want to look at the greens from our windows and balconies.

We want to live in the societies where they have more and more green area.

When we feel that fresh air from the greens coming to us and passing through all the senses, it just absorbs us and we feel wonderful.

When we sit next to sea side, we feel amazing with the waves.

Nature is our best partner for health. We need to blend with it more and more. Clear we are, healthier we are. The thing that we feel better when we are into the nature, that we like more and more greens, it means, this is what we need. This is our natural calling. This is what our soul needs.

So what shall we do?

Well we all know, what needs to be done. Still, I would say one thing, with the urban life styles, use less plastic, use less artificial artifacts at home, use less plastic show cases, use more of natural things, have more and more plants and yes, take time out to be in the nature. Take time to walk, time time to smell, take time to relax. Its good for mental, physicala nd emotional health. It’s good for the well being.

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