It’s not about not having any challenges in life. It’s about having the strength to overcome them.

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With the strength of mind, we can move mountains. With our intentions, we can churn the ocean and get ambrosia.

Yes, the strength comes from our decisions and intentions and to hold it there.

We all love our children. We all love to see them happy. A tiny scratch on them, a little cry has the capacity to rattle us. So many times, I meet parents and people who ask, how is it possible to have any challenges in life? How is it possible, they can have everything and they can stay happy.

And the answer is, they will never have challenge free life. There are no free lunches. If they want something, they have to work for it. No one gets everything without working for it. Even Ram and KRishna had challenges and they had to work for what they had. Though they were born as princes but they had to go through much bigger challenges.

Then what can be done?

We need to stay strong. We need to hold positive intentions. We need to have persistence and resilience. We need to help others and handling their issues. We need to be honest in whatever we do. We need to fulfil our duties. We cannot evade them on the name of free life. We need to focus on the solution rather than the problem in hand. We need to keep working towards it. We need to start aiming higher on every step. We need to grow and really grow. We need to let the seed inside us grow into a tree. But this seed needs to struggle and then survive and then grow. into something big and then the tree can bear fruits.

It’s not about not having any challenges in life. It’s about having strength to overcome them. We will be fine. In fact we will be good.

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