Love and kindness can heal any darkness in this world.

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There is a famous story. There was a decoit by the name Angulimal. HE used to kill people and cut their finger to wear it in his garland. He already had 999 fingers in it. He met Buddha and he wanted to kill him as his 1000th prey. But when he looked at Buddha and he froze. Buddha was undettered and kept standing there when he saw Angulimal. Buddha did not feel any anger or fear. Buddha kept standing there with love and kindness. Angulimal fell in Buddha’s feet and became his deciple. After few years, when he was full of kindness and love himself, he started spreading Buddha’s message. people initially treated him badly as they were full of anger but when he kept standing there with love, people followed him. He was transformed by love and he was transforming others.

Why does someone act with fear, anger or any kind of negativity? Why all such bad events are happening in this world? Well, whatever is happening around us is our collective negativity. And how to handle this? How to heal this world? Whenever, I think, every question only has one answer and that is love. MOre and more we fill our hearts with love, more and more we move towards that peace of love , we will heal ourselves. We will heal our lives and we will heal this world.

We do not have to heal anyone. We do not have to heal this world. We just have to fill up our hearts with more and more love and kindness and it will start healing everything around us. If negativity can bring us here, love can heal remove that darkness and heal everything.

Whenever we feel any kind of negativity, we need to start replacing that with love and gradually we will see that everything is healed.

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