Relationships need different types of effort at every age. Keep putting in to have a beautiful and loving one.

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They were married for 10 years. They had changed. The way they were 10 years back, they were not. Still, expectations were from each other were the same. What they could do and were doing for each other had changed and they expected each other to do the same old things. Is it possible?

They loved each other. They were nice and beautiful. But still were going through a lot of fights and arguments.

So what shall we do?

First of all, we need to know, we are evolving and our efforst too and the relationship is also evolving.

The second things is our needs are evolving. With age, our need for companionship increases and also the need for physical rest increases. Sometimes, one partner has suffered physical detoriation of the body more and the other partner has not suffered. The compatibility issues happen here more. So the partners need to understand each others situations.

The third thing is with age we also have lot of emotional baggage. One partner may start feeling more angry

The reason might be that he had never expressed his anger and thoughts earlier. But now they are coming out. You may feel the partner has developed aggression issues but it may be the result of piled up anger or auppression. So try to talk to your partner with patience. Give space to your partner so that he can discuss about the things.

And keep adding more and more love. Do not forget to hold hands, compliment each other, complain less and express gratitude more. With time, our world is more limited to immediate family rather than outside friends and further families. So all the emotional needs and care need to be increased.

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