Every day is an opportunity to be better.

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So it’s the semi-exam time for the children. My girls are also writing their unit tests. There was a lag in studies due to homeschooling for two years, plus they did not have an examination system in the previous school. And there are a few difficult spellings, so we have been practicing daily. When I asked them, how is the preparation, they simply said, we are becoming better every day. How beautiful!

When I was sitting alone and reflecting back, I realized what a beautiful statement they had said. They are getting better because they practice every day. We can all do it. We can get better every day if we start practicing. Nothing happens in one day. We can become better painters, better sports people, better human beings, better workers, better children, better at whatever we aim to be.

We cannot grow a tree in one day. We plant a seed, we get a seedling, then a sapling, and then it starts growing and it starts happening. In a similar way, whatever we want to work upon, we can start nurturing the seed and one day it will become a tree. We need to nurture it more and more and we need to withstand the storm and the fall and stay strong to become a tree.

So my daughter asked me, Ma, what would you like to work upon? And the answer is simple. I would like to be a better mother, better wife, better worker, better human. So she asked me, how we can be better human beings? Probably, they are not wife and mothers, so they did not ask. But they know, they are human beings. And the answer is, by being more kind and loving everyone, we keep increasing the love.

Let’s get better!

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