“Thank you God”, Biggest healer, the biggest prayer.

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A lot of time people come to me with anxiety issues, panic attack issues, depression, and many physical problems too. When nothing gets through them, when they are unable to control their situation, I ask them one thing, to repeat thank you in Mind. More they do that, more faith they develop. More they do that, more they heal.

Sometimes, people with various physical problems approach where they are unable to find appropriate treatment and they wonder, if they would ever heal. I simply ask them, to start being grateful and start writing that they are grateful for their healthy body and simply repeat thank you. I have seen miracles. I have seen things turning around. And then the healing starts.

When people come to me with money problems, I ask them the same. People who have been dealing with money problems for years and nothing seems to be working. When they retorted to gratitude, their situation changed.

When people came with relationship issues, I asked them the same. To be grateful!

For me, it is the foundation. Without this no healing can happen. Once I was watching a celebrated doctor and he said that the true healing is done by our own mind and body and rest everything supports that. And I agree. When we follow gratitude, it brings in a change at celular level and our body and mind start recovering. It does not matter what type of issue we are dealing with. It creates a kind of purification of our energy.

It heals mind, it heals body and it is a kind of prayer, which has every ask, we can ask for.

Start your day with thank you and sleep with, thank you. When your mind is wondering, say thank you. It’s a hidden miracle which we have to witness. How just with gratitude everything starts healing. And how with gratitude, how we open up the gates of love and abundance in our lives.

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