Children should be raised to love and value nature, and they will find their own things to do.

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I met a girl, who was standing on a tree and looking at the leaves. I asked her what she was doing, and she said that she was playing with the leaves. She started making different shapes with the leaves. Her mother had taught her this art and she was developing it. Her mother told me that she was never told to watch TV or play with tablets. She was always taught to play with trees and, yes, she was one of the healthiest people around.

We are created in harmony with nature and this entire system is designed in a way that we are dependent on each other. We breathe and they breathe with that. They breathe and we breathe with that. We exchange that. We can be healed only when we are with each other. We cannot be healthy and happy if we are not in harmony with nature. If we are away from nature, slowly and gradually, we start dying. Our health starts going down and we do not realize it.

Our children should be taught to play with nature, to love it and to be in harmony with nature. We should teach them the importance of nature and how to protect it and not spoil it. They are our future. They have to do things in harmony with nature. If we do not do that, they will end up spoiling nature. It’s upto us, what we are creating for the future. If we will not have nature, even we will not be there.

And above all, it will teach them compassion, it will open their minds and also will teach them new ways life.

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