Take the next step with courage and faith.

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He went to meet his parents in the village and shared the good news. He wanted to go to America and when he would get settled, he would call his parents also. They did not want to leave their roots in old age. They told him, life there would be lonely, full of struggles and many things. He moved, went through a lot of struggles and after five years, took his parents also along. They also took their time to settle down in the new culture, and finally they settled. They were right and he was right too. He had to go through that struggle and lonliness and they had to go through too. But they settled and they grew in life.

He wanted to start a business and his father did not appreciate that. His father wanted him to join his own business. He always said that a tree cannot grow under a tree. His father told him that he would fail miserably and he would not get a penny from his father. He left in his luxury car and wondered what to do. He sold off his car and started a small venure with his friend. In five years he was the owner of a big business. he had to sleep on the benches and he had to eat breads or may be not even that. He shared that he had faith in God and he knew he would be able to make it.

We all go through struggles, and we all have to have faith. We all need to muster courage, and we all need to take that step. We cannot sit back in a comfortable zone, thinking it is scary. A parrot grew up in a cage and had every facility in the cage. But whenever they tried setting him free, he was scared. Because there he would have to find his own things. He never flew out. So we need to choose freedom over cage and we need to have faith. After all, God is taking care of every one.

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