Be there with people because you want to be them, not because you need them.

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These days, I am learning so much from my daughters. Yes, from their behavior and how they are growing up, I am getting a new perspective on life. So they wanted to go to the park and I asked them, why do they to go. They said that, our friends are waiting. We want to play with them. You want to play with them what if they are not there in the park. We still want to go and play. We can play with them, that way we do not need anyone because we are two. But we want to play with them because we like it. Perfect then you must go. I was occupied so I sent their nanny to go along.

It reminded me of an incident. Where a lady started calling me a lot and started saying we are our friends and I appreciated that. But then everytime, she would talk about her problems and discuss and I gladly offered my help. One day, I friendly offered her to meet for a coffee and talk about something else rather than any personal issue and she stopped calling. I wondered if her friendship was the way of taking non paid help. i am there for my friends but this way, I wonder. If you need help and you do not want to pay, be genuine and speak up.

I am not against being friends and helping friends. We all need some friend at one or other time. I have friends and I do call them for help if I need and I am there when they need. But to be there just to fulfill a need is not fair.

Sometimes, people reach out to people at higher pedestal or financialy better people assuming that in the time of need they will help. Yes, they are in a position to help. But they also can sense the genuine and non genuine. Everyone knows, who is genuine and who is not genuine. If someone thinks, he/she can befool someone, then he is doing that to himself.

Be there genuinely. BE a genuine friend. If you need help, have courage to ask for it. And everyone is helped by God in the time of need, have that faith. Does not matter the channel. I remember a story. A sage went to a king to ask for some alms. The king was busy. The sage asked him, where were you busy. The king replied that I was praying and asking for what I need. The sage left immediatel;y saying, then why do I need to ask you, I can ask him directly myself. YEs, ask him for help and be there with people when you want to be them not to use them.

Let’s create genuine and honest relationships. We all need that.

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