Take every breath with the awareness of thoughts and health.

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Whenever I asked anyone about meditation when I was small, everyone talked about focusing on the breath. Buddhism also talked about the same. Jainism also and many sages. Everyone talked about focusing on the same. This is something which we learn by doing. We cannot feel it or know it without doing it. It’s like does not matter how many books we read, we learn swiming only when we jump into the water.

I like experimenting too. So I started experimenting. When I was feeling low, I would observe my breath and with every breath I would say, happiness and peace and with every breath out, I would say, thank you (That is the biggest mantra of my life) and I would feel good in sometime like I inhaled all the happiness from my surroundings. I have focused on abundance and wealth this way and I could immediately release the feeling of lack. Which itself starts bringing in abundance. I had a back pain once, so I focused on breath and I started focusing on love peace and harmony flowing to that part of the body through my breath. In ten minutes, I was feeling so relaxed. I was feeling a shooting heart beat as per the watch in my hand (over all I was feeling OK). Maybe it was due to increased humidity and winters. I started focusing on my breath and took deep breaths whole day with awareness. And I was good. Many more things I have worked upon like this with my breath. Whether it is to relieve mood or body stress.

So what’s happening? We are a part of this Universe. We are connected. Our breath is a connection with it. Apart from supplying oxygen to the body and circulating everything. This breath offers us what the Universe has to offer. Now, this Universe is like a warehouse. We can enter into it and keep picking up everything. But when we become conscious, we pick up particularly what we need or desire. When we become aware or we start breathing with awareness, we give ourselves to pick up what we like from that ware house.

So pick up love, pick up health, pick up abundance. Pick up divinity.

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