If one hasn’t learned to give, he hasn’t learned to live.

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Everyone goes through different types of times, and we are tested in various ways. A few years back, we were going through financially tough time. However, the way I grew up, and I had always felt and the way I heard from gurus, books and mother, we shall I always give a certain percentage of our income, and it should be taken out even before we start spending it. We were tight on budget and still we managed that. Now, if I look back, it was tough, but still it got managed and we had to manage things however, everything got managed. We didn’t have debts when we came out of that phase. An aunty always said that, because you give, some one is taking care of you always.

A gentleman shared his experience. He experienced Covid and his reports were going haywire. He was going through one test after another and it had been two months. His wife started making small-small different donations on his name (Not getting into the debate of doing unconditional charity) and within two weeks, his reports started changing and in one month, he recovered fully.

One gentleman shared his experience of giving. His son was in the US and there were some hurricanes. He was worried as he hadn’t heard from him. He went to the temple and fed all the beggars there. The next day, he heard from his son.

What works, what does not no one knows. But something works. And something works miraculously and I wonder, why do we have to wait for something bad to happen. Why can’t we make it a part of our life style. It is our duty to support tyhis world. We receive so much here and we keep receiving even without knowing. We breath and we receive. We must support and give back in whatever way we can. We can never quantify, who did how much for us. it ius God’s way of managing the creation. One waters the trees and we eat the fruits. We might have paid someone else and someone else gets paid for that.

So learn to give, this is how we learn to live. BEcause that helps us in seeing better part of life.

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