God needs our love, not the wars. He is pure love, he is the embodiment of love.

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Someone said something and the whole world is fighting. Wondering why! To protect our God and to protect our religion! Wow! Does God need protection or does he provide protection? Whenever we are going through tough times or whenever we need help, he is the one to help us out. He is the one to guide us through everything. Then why are we fighting? Because we want to fight. We need reasons to fight. We want to prove what we are capable of. We want to show that I am strong enough, and that makes my God strong enough. If we really have faith, can anything hurt our sentiments? Faith can never be hurt by any sentiment. Whenever the time is tough, faith only gets stronger.

What makes God strong? Let’s take the example of a family. Two brothers are fighting. Does that strengthen the parents or weaken it? It weakens the family and the head of the family. But if two brothers are expressing love, the head of the family feels strong. He becomes strong. I remember, one of the gentlemen said, if my two sons are standing together, I am the strongest man in the world and I can handle any situation. Exactly!

Is it the time to fight? When the world is dealing with Covid, war, food shortage and so many other things. Do we need to fight or stand together to create a better world? We need to think, are we making this world a better place or we are making it worse. I guess by fighting we can never make it better.

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