Start training your children on how to create a committed and beautiful relationship. It’s a necessity.

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I do not want to marry him because he does not like my facebook pictures. may be he does not love me.

I do not want to marry him because he does not pamper me. (At the age of 30, he is working hard cleared IIT and IIM, has a salary of 90 lakhs per annum. I am sure he must be working hard though.)

She posted a picture of gun, after our fight, she wants to kill me, I need a divorce.

She is not what I thought, so I want a divorce. (After two months of marriage.)

Either you pay handsomely after divorce or else I will file domestic violence case.

These days, I get to hear such statements and I wonder what’s happening. Is this a joke? How are we training our next generation? WE belong to the land of Sita, Savitri, parvati and Damyanti and many more. It’s not old-fashioned. It is the way of a relationship. Yes, the commitment has to be from both sides. Yes, we do see the examples of Ram, Nal, and Shiva. Who did everything for their wives. And I am proud of that. I am not saying that the girls have to tolerate everything in the society. But we need to stand by each other, we need to make a lifelong commitment. We need to make sure, we make an effort to accept each other’s families. I do not appreciate when people talk about divorce on every small thing.

Please start training your children for a Life long relationships. Tell them, that together with their partner they have to take care of the entire family. Doing house chores is not a bad thing. It’s the division of responsibility. If you have to cook, then its good. If you have to work in an office it is good. If your husband is working and you have to support him for that, then it is good. If your wife is working and you support her, then it is good. If you give her a cup of tea it’s good. Most importantly, kids and parents. They both have to be taken care with love.

Do not try to run away from responsibilities on the name of modernization. It is going backwards not going forward. Do not think of a divorce on every small thing. Just because few expectations are not met, you shall not think of a divorce. Think how it can be worked out.

Do not get married, until you are ready for the responsibilities. Do not get married, if you are not ready to run a house and a family together. Do not get ready, if you are not ready to serve each other.

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