May everyone wake up today with sunshine in their lives and a smile on their faces.

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Sometimes, the days are just sad. Sometimes, we wake up with some stress or worries. Sometimes, we wake up happy. Sometimes, we just do not know the reason and we feel angry or stressed.

It may be with a reason or it may be without a known reason. Sometimes, it’s the internal hormones also which play havoc and sometimes, we do not realize, it’s the shift in environmental energies too. We are a part of this Universal environmenta nd everything is alive. The energies here are active. When their is a mass event it impacts us. When there is a shift as small as moon phases, it impacts us. So many people have shared that they get head aches around full moon and this makes them very irritated.

Reason may be many or any, we all want to wake up with a feeling of going to have a bright day. We want to feel the sunshine and we want to feel that energy in the body coursing through every vein. We want to have that smile on the face, which can bring sunshine to everyone’s life. Want to smile and then start the day with a lot of love and happiness around because it is coming from our own souls.

So here we go, I wish everyone is smiling. I wish everyone wakes up with a smile. I wish everyone’s life is healed and filled up with the sunshine. May everyone’s pain is washed out and the life is filled up with smiles and love.

have the brightest of the day and happiest of the feelings in your heart. May everyone is glowing with God’s love and smiles.

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