Let the pain go. Let your soul heal.

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Sometimes, I meet people who have suffered a lot. Their life has so much of pain. They are still suffering. Sometimes, I wonder when would it stop for them. But then I realize, deep down, they want to have a nice life but they are unable to let go of their pain. They do not want to. Because if they have no pain or no story of pain, they have nothing left in their life. When they sit with someone, they talk about the suffering. How bad people had been, how bad the life had been. How unfairly they were treated.

Sometimes, people hold on to pain, out of fear and protection also. Something will happen to me, I am dying, i do not want to die. And everyone is holding their hand to give them strength. And when doctors say, everything is fine, then next day another fear comes in and finally after few days, with so much of stress and fear, something manifests.

We need to know, even if we get the sympathy of the whole world, it will never remove our suffering. It will go, only when we let go of the pain. Only when we decide to heal. When we decide to heal, we follow love and peace, we do not follow pain. If we keep chasing pain, we keep getting pain.

Decide to follow love, Decide what will bring in more love and peace. It shall be a path of love, gratitude and forgiveness. It is not for someone else. It is for own self.

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