Source is inside you


Humans have a great tendency, they want to possess everything and they want to claim a title of same. People engrave their names, they say this is mine, this land is mine, there is always a title. However, very few understand and the one who understands never claim he/she just surrenders. He would say I belong here and he becomes the owner of this existence. This existence belongs to everyone and everyone belongs to this existence. Once you belong to this existence, you understand it, you will never have to control it as you understand it. Once you understand it will belong to you. You will have everything for you and titles would look small to you. You would understand how things are happening and why they are happening. You will understand how you are creating this world and you will understand why this world is like this. You will not have to wonder that why not the world is like something else, if you ever wondered. If something has been thought over, it is already there, may be its not under your knowledge.
You need to understand this existence, you need to understand self and you would never have to control anything after that. Your understanding will give you the power of controlling. It will give you the awareness of existence. This existence is comprised of 5 elements as we know “Akash, Prithvi, Jal, Vayu, and Agni (Sky, Earth, Water, Air and Fire)”. Everyone is made of same and that’s why we are truly capable of everything. We are a part of existence and whatever this existence is capable of we are capable of doing too. The difference is in the level of awareness. All the Gods or messengers or sages whatever we believe in have the difference in the level of awareness. Krishna held the Universe inside him as he knew the existence is inside him. He was aware of who he is. Even when Hanuman wanted to cross Ocean, he had to be made aware of his powers so that he could go and search Sita. It’s all the different level of awareness we reach, which elevates everyone. Indian mythology is full of such examples, where different persons became Braham Rishis as they elevated their level of awareness. More you understand, simpler it becomes for you. You just have to understand one thing, the source is inside you. You do not have to go in search of it, it is inside you. You just have to connect with self. More you go in search, farther you go away from source as you will be going away from self.

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