It has to be done now….


Few days back one of my client approached me as he was frustrated with life and could not do what he wanted to do as he had to follow his father’s orders and he was unable to give his best in father’s business because of that his father’s business was also suffering. When I asked him what he wants now, he said its too late, he has responsibilities, he cannot leave the business, then what he wants in this business, basically he wanted to establish his own identity. I asked him what’s holding him now, and he gave many reasons, however, the main reason was that we build constraints inside our mind and we hold back.

Another one approached me where he wanted to start a business, however, because he did not want someone to point at things, he thought he would do next year and that next year did not come for many years as every year there were more things to look at. Of course these things kept frustrating him more and more. One of the client I met who wanted to get rid of the feelings that he could not do what he could do in college and now he had passed the age.

Why do we have such feelings? Because we could not do the things we wanted to do because of n number of reasons and more than the reasons they were mental blocks and later we regret. If we put conditions that when it circumstances would be like this and that and in my favor then I would do, let me tell you, when 3 things would be in your favor, there would be further more things which would hold you back. If something has to be done, it has to be done now, you cannot procrastinate. Do not wait for the moment, might be you would never get that moment.

Once one young guy approached me as he said he loved a girl and he could not tell her as he always waited for the right moment and now she is married to someone else and he was unable to handle that. To be honest, you can never have that time back, so whatever has to be done, has to be done now. If you did not do at that time, do it now and if you wait for the future, you would always wait.

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