Living and Loving


We all are born and die..we breathe and the life flow through everyone..even in the stones which look like so dead…the force of life is driven by love..the love for self and love for this for this need to realize love to be in love…its not limited to love for one person..its simply the love for life…you cannot love even one person if you have not realized love in true sense or else the love itself will be full of insecurities and fears…if you have fear..where is doesn’t have motive and fears give you motive…love itself is absolute and complete..where there is love there shall not be insecurities…insecurities, fear, jealousy all these are negative things however, love is the most positive flow of life…they cannot stay together..

If you do not love self and life and this existence, how can you love one person also, you cannot give to others what you do not have. If you realize love in its true sense, you will always be full of love and become love. Without that you are just breathing, you are not loving. There is a difference in breathing and living, when you breathe and don’t love you are as good as a dead body as the flow is missing from the life…I cannot even say you are as good as stone because even the stone has flow of love, you just need a vision to look at that flow…

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