Sometimes all we need is faith and we can win the biggest battles of life.

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These are one of the toughest times of life we have ever seen. Maybe our previous generation saw tougher than this. Maybe every generation sees in a different way. They had to see the world war, freedom struggle, partition and that was tough too. And after that they saw poverty.

What we are seeing here is also a very tough time. Where everyone’s faith, love, resilience, strength, patience is tested. People are falling sick, we want to protect relationships, we want to protect ourselves, we want to protect others, we get caught in the wihirlwind of emotions and we might lose the patience. In times like these we do not blame the storm, we hold on to the strengths. If we are climbing and have gone hiking, and suddenly there is a tougher patch and a hurricane too, what would we do? We would bring out our best, have faith, hold on to the rock, and stay still and let it pass, rather than shouting and blaming anyone.

This is exactly what we have to do. We might face storms, we might face a tougher patch and we might face both of them together. We need to hold on to our faith and we need to believe that we will be fine and every one else will be fine too. We need to pray for everyone’s well being rather than blaming anyone. A few days back, I received a message where the author had written about the people who were supposed to be the site of the Septemper 11 attack but somehow, had not reached office. These people were interviewed and the reasons were simple like alarm did not ring, the child was crying, the car broke down, one could not find the car keys and got late etc. The message was, when something happens, have patience and be grateful for the moment. You are exactly where you are supposed to be. Do not feel bad about anything that is causing problem right now. Maybe it’s in the greater good. Have faith and you will sail through everything.

Thank you God, for being there, holding my hand, guiding me, and loving me and giving me your faith.

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