If you want your conversation to be kind and loving, make it kind and loving in your mind first.

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Everyone said that she was rude. She was at a good position and she could get away with anything. She was a very good sales person. But then with that kind of attitude you can reach to a certain level and you cannot grow. She was growing up and her family wanted her to settle down also but she was afraid that she would not be able to create a successful relationship. The reason was, she knew how rude she was and she did not talk to anyone properly. She shared that she wanted to correct that and she tried that but she ended up becoming what she was. If she suppressed herself too much, she started staying depressed and also, it did not help much because of her image which people had.

Well, first of all, she had to be very patient. It takes time to change the image. When people feel the change in experience repetitively, they will start changing. THey will change their perception of her. She needed to make an extra effort.

The second thing was, she had to change her thought process about how she was thinking of herself. If she would keep thinking, that everyone dislikes her and she was rude, this is what would keep happening. Because we are reflecting our thoughts in our energy which is absorbed by others. If we start thinking, that I am liked by everyone and I am kind and loving, this is what would start happening, once it starts entering into our belief system.

The third thing was, she had to start practicing the kind conversation in her mind. It cannot happen that in her mind she is rude and she is kind in reality. Whatever she was talking to herself and others in her mind, which we feel no one is listening to, has to be kind and loving because this is what is getting processed in mind, and this is what mind will bring out. So be kind and loving in whatever conversation you are having in your mind.

Life is beautiful when we feel love and when we spread love. Have a happy, peaceful and loving life.Kindness in anyway, goes a long way. Even in the words.

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