Money is neither good nor bad. What we do with that money depends on us. Spread love, spread light with it.

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So here is the conversation with Godess laxmi. Maa, why are you so Chanchal (Volatile)? She smiled and said nothing but she kept moving. Do you not need a permanent home? I do need and I do stay permanently.

Where do you stay permanentaly? I stay where I am not compromised. Where I am put to good use. Where people do not do bad things with me. Where people grow in love and light with me. Where the work is happening honestly. Where the parents are served with love.

Where do you not stay or you leave? LEt’s take an example. If you have two sons. You give equal money to both and one is doing bad things with it like spending in a club or buying drugs. And another one is helping someone in need and also investing it to grow his business. To whom you would give more money and why? If you still have to give to both what would you do?

I would give more to the one who is making good use of it and would not give to the one who is buying drugs. But if I have to give to the both, to the latter one, I will only give as much as needed to fulfil the basic needs, so that he does not buy drugs. It is for his own benefit, so that I can protect him from harming himself more.

Exactly, you have answered the question yourself. I am called Chanchala but I stay where there is love. Where people spend money in good things. And the energy keeps increasing with increasing things.

Why it is called money is very bad, it brings out worst in people? Well, money is neither good, nor bad. PEople who are cursing money actually have not used it in good ways and have never thought how much good they can do with that money. They can feed people, they can educate people, they can treat people. I am not bad. But for money, people do bad things and whatever is inside them, their trueself, it starts coming out. That’s when I start leaving. And also, if the money is not earned honestly and not used for good deeds, that is not me. It is the darker side. When that comes in, I leave. When it’s the love and light, I am there.

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