Some compassion and understanding should be added to the foundation of every relationship.

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After 35 years of marriage and a grown-up daughter who was well-settled, she walked out of marriage. Everyone asked her if they had fights or any issues. She simply said no. We never had fights. We never had financial issues. We had a lot of money and we had a very comfortable life. But why are you taking a divorce? Because there is no love and compassion in the relationship. Initially, I felt that love but I felt there was no compassion. I have been fulfilling my duties but I never heard from him if I was ok. I have been doing everything but never felt that compassion where someone would say, come sit, you must be tired. Whenever I tried sharing something, I heard that it is a normal thing. Do not think too much. So I just kept working. Now, I cannot work, so I am quitting. The person who is in a job has the option to do the job and quit and I was in a job not in a relationship. So I am quitting.

He never wanted to meet his parents. His parents were socialites. Whenever he reached out to them, they did not hear him or if they heard him, they scolded him. He never felt that compassion that a child needed. They always told him, how to behave in the social circle. He learned that but he also learned to suppress his emotions. He could not do that even when he had his own relationship. He simply knew how to make it best. He started staying sick because he was burying all his emotions. Finally, he met a therapist, he shared all, and he kept sharing until it was all out and he felt that a load was lifted off.

Why did he have to go to a therapist? Because he did not receive compassion and a listening ear at home.

Have compassion. When the person is sharing, hear it with compassion and understanding, not with all the complaints and judgments. Help out your loved ones in the low moment. As per me, everyone is doing their best to make it internally and externally.

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