Every hardship in life is for the purpose of purification and learning.

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I am not what I was 20 years back. I am much more honest, grateful, giving, and contended, have more patience and more service. There have been many experiences and ups and down, which have changed me into a better person. I am grateful to God for those experiences that I have become a better human being or else I would have been whom I would not have liked.

Whenever someone comes to me with repeated patterns, I always realize that there is a lesson behind it. The person is going through something because some purification is left inside. She was going through a very bad financial situation. She had her own business. She claimed she was honest and then she was going through a low time. She started cheating her vendors and eventually, everything crashed. She tried all the shortcuts she knew and she wondered what did she gain after so many years of honesty. Well, this time was there to tell her that she was capable of being dishonest and Universe had to purify her. Once she is actually purified or she has learned it completely, to be honest, no matter the situation, things would be better. This situation happened to get that dishonesty out of her. Well, she took time in digesting that, and finally, one day, she said that she would. She started being honest, no matter what is the situation. Things also started improving. Eventually, she was grateful to God for making her a better person.

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