Smile Please. You are happy healthy and alive.

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I am an early riser. And I am grateful to God, he made me like this. So many people ask me, how do you wake up so early and I do not know what to say. May be effort and time planning or maybe desire to do so many things in the morning or maybe to welcome the sun and work on health or maybe this is how I am. I look at the rising sun and I smile. I wonder can something be more beautiful and the. I look at my girls. I see them sleeping so peacefully like the divine is sleeping. There is no stress or anything else on their faces. Just sleep. I look at plants and then I see them smiling and growing. I check for new sprouting seeds I have sowed and I smile more. I see new life coming in.

Whatever is the stress, whatever is fatigue, believe me, it’s always beautiful to take a pause, smile and be grateful and be in the moment. Life is good and will always be. I remember when i went to Sulabh Gram (A place set up by Sulab Sauchalya people to support their people) everywhere it was written. Smile please, you are at Sulabh. And whenever I saw that I smiled.

So let’s smile today. We do not need reason. We are happy, healthy and alive. Everything is fine or will be fine. We can take a break from everything and feel the beautiful good energy flowing in. ITs a good day and a happy day. if it is not, let’s make it a good day and a happy. Start your day with gratitude and smiling for yourself. End your day with a smile. You will see the difference in your health and abundance in life.

Smile is the most important jewel we can wear. It is the sunshine of anyface. Do you like non smiling faces. If no, then smile for yourself. Wear your crown. Wear your smile.

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