Everything with love. Serve with love.

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One gentleman asked, is this the Law of Karma that whatever we give, comes back to us?


Then, I helped someone and it bounced back. I was reprimanded. And it has happened many times.

Q: Why did you help those people?

To help.

What was your thought process, motivation, intention or whatever you call it.

I wanted to have the advantage over them in future.

Q: Now let me ask you this. Four people make a donation to an orphanage. Everyone donates Rs 5000. One gives to help, one gives to save taxes, one gives to improve Karma and one gives to have his name. So everyone performed same action but do you think the result also will be same?

No. Because they all had different intentions.

Exactly. So our intentions are a part of our Karma.

So what would make a better karma? What would create a good energy? What would bring better results?

Love. Everything needs to be done with love. Love brings the highest possible results. When the food is cooked with love, it is tastiest. When the kids are nurtured with love, they grow up better human beings, when the work is done with love, it brings prosperity. When we think with love, we become happy, healthy and abundant. Everything positive starts happening with love. Whatever we are giving, it shall be given with love and happiness.

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