Always think high and continue doing the right thing. Everything will solve in life. Keep going!

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He had been going through life crisis, which seems like forever. He was 15 and his father was diagnosed with cancer. He took care of his family and the expensive treatment for years. At that time for years, he got disconnected from the world. He had to take care of everyone. Then he got married at the age of 32 and his wife was mentally sick. He was not told that thing. He had to finally send her to a mental asylum. He wondered if his life struggle would ever end. If God forgot to write some happiness in his life. He asked, what should he do?

Well, the answer is always the same, which is not easy. Think high, have your goals, focus on what you really want to achieve in life, and keep doing the right thing. continue helping and serving along. Somewhere the wheel would reverse. He did that and when he was 43, he met someone new, and his money also started growing. He became head of a company. At the age of 45, he had a supportive wife, a newborn daughter, and a good-paying job. It took him 30 years to reach a point where he felt like smiling and thanking in life. He had to continue going!

Well, in life we have no other option other than keep going. But in that, we need to remember we have to think high, focus on what we really want, and keep doing the right thing. If we do a wrong thing, the fall is inevitable. And we cannot give up on life. We cannot give up on doing the right thing. We cannot give up on thinking high. Things will work out, it may take a long time, but it will.

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