A responsible person!

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So many times it happens that someone says I would call you and let you know the status, you wait for the call or any message and it never comes. You keep wondering, what has happened, if the work is done or should you call and check, if everything is all right. And when you do call back you get a very plain answer, oh yeah..I forgot..oh I got late…Oh, i am sorry the work did not happened so i did not call you. Well, a call to update you about same would not have harmed you or may be a text also would have been fine.

Its not about call, the point is , how responsible you feel and how dependable you are. If you keep others waiting, even when you say you forgot or you were busy, believe me somewhere in mind you have this thing that other person is waiting for my call, but you become callous assuming that he/she can wait or its OK..what a big deal. But believe me its not OK, this is a very wrong attitude.

You are not a responsible person, even at work or in personal life, you are totally a selfish person, you just care about yourself and you do not worry about anyone else as you think its ok. More over, you do this and you pass on same attitude in your children too, they also would start thinking its ok. When they grow up, even they would not fulfil their responsibility toward you and they also would feel its ok, its a general thing. I have seen this happening, one kid at my swimming class, had same attitude toward his mother and when his mother asked him, he said where does it matter mom, so this is how the chain starts.

You are responsible for your actions and attitude. You need to make sure you incorporate right things in your attitude, than only you will become a responsible person.

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