Adversities evolve you as a person.

sheetal Uncategorized

We don’t want good times to last and we want our lives to run smooth. However, have you thought of this, how would you know how much endurance you have if you do not get an opportunity to endure? How would you know what is pain and how much others suffer, I mean how would you empathize if you dont know whats pain and it would make you stomp over others emotions. How would you know the true meaning of happiness, if you havent been through sad ones? How would you know what all you are blessed with, if you havent been through time where you counted your blessings? How would know the value of friends and family if you didnt get an opportunity where they stood by you? There could be so many things which you learn in the time of adversities.

More over, have you noticed, days of struggle are far less in number than smooth days? Just that we drool over them so much that we do not realise this. So welcome every moment in life and fight the problems. It will make you a better person. It will give you a chance to learn and evolve. It will make you proud of yourself.

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