“You are what you are! You can be what you want to be”

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When you start your expedition you will need your weapons. By this I don’t mean you will need guns, canons, bows and arrows etc. You will need your own weapons, which cannot be defused by any other weapon in this world. Even if it means you are holding a revolver and they are targeting you with a Rocket launcher. First of all when we need to reach somewhere, we need to know where we stand. Now for example, you landed in India, with a detailed road map for navigational assistance and you need to go to Mumbai. You can follow your map, however, if you are not aware of the fact that you are in Delhi, how can you reach to Mumbai. It might be possible that you would presume that you are in Hyderabad and then you start moving to opposite direction. However, if you know you are in Delhi and you need to reach to Mumbai, you can find out the fastest route and means to reach there.

This is your self worth, to know where you stand, what is the value you hold for yourself. It does not depend on what other are thinking about you. It is your belief in yourself, which is independent of what you are doing and what you have. It is independent of any particular domain, your academic qualification, your professional designation, how attractive you are to others and many more things like this. Your self worth is what you are, what you think of yourself. It is how you relate to yourself. Okay let’s take an example, if you have Rs.50 million INR in your bank account, I am sure you can afford to spend on the best available luxuries in this world. However, do you think your monetary self worth is dependent on the facts like what car do you drive, which posh street of the city you hold your house, which brand do you wear, which five star hotel you dine in. I am sure it depends on your awareness that you have this much bank balance and statement of account is the proof to that. Now, it does not matter, how much you spend, what others say, your monetary worth remains same. It is also independent of the fact that, if someone else owns Rs.60 million INR with the same bank or someone has a car bigger than you. Your monetary worth remains Rs.50 million INR. Even if, someone comes and tells you that your standard of living is not of a high society person, or some one calls you a miser, still your monetary worth is intact. Same way is your self worth, which is what you are, not what others think about you. Everyone has own system of judgment and evaluation. They will add their experiences, their desires, their beliefs. However, your self worth is what you are, what you think about yourself. The way you think, you will project yourself same way and others will start perceiving you in same manner. This will bring you and your surroundings in sync with each other. However, if you do not hold a true self worth about yourself, you will be understated even for others too.

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