Let the children play with the mud. Let them get dirty. Let them have their childhood.

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My girls were playing in the park and they were literally rolling in the sand. Infact one has a habit of taking that sand and throw it on her clothes and in her hair. She kind of bathe in that sand. The other one starts digging the mud in every pot at home or outside to find small rocks. She has a fascination for collecting them. So when they both were brown and soiled, a mother came running to me, she asked, see what your girls are doing, is it ok. I said, yeah it’s ok. She was surprised. She asked, what if their clothes would get dirty and the answer is they are dirty right now. I will put them for a wash. What if they are not cleaned properly? It’s ok, anyway after 6 months at this age they get new clothes. Then I looked at her, I asked her, did you play in the mud or not? Didn’t your mom wash your clothes? Did she stop you? In those days. they had more children and fewer facilities. Still, they never stopped us. These days we have every help, still we are scared of getting them dirty, why?

Another child came home to play with my girls. He was little older than them. HE kept asking for a sanitizer on multiple ocassions. His father was talking to me. His father said, but you do not have mud at home, why does he need. I was like we do have. My daughters keep digging pots and they learn farming. So they spill out mud around at home. But then we broom it. He was zapped!

I do not know where are we headed. I do not know, why we have become so cleanliness conscious. I wonder what would happen, if we lose connection with the soil? It is a part of us. We would become further weak if we lose this connection. Children, infact we all need to get dirty in mud. We all need to get our hands into mud. It heals us, it nourishes us, it raises us. It teaches us. It teaches us to calm down, to stay in the groud.

Let your children play. Let them enjoy the mud. LEt them wear dirty clothes. It is ok!

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