How we see others depends on who we are. Always see the good.

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“जैसी दृष्टि वैसी सृष्टि “

It is famously said. It depends on our vision of how the world is. We have all heard of it and there is a lot of depth in it. I was sitting in a class and there were some 20 students. Suddenly a poor girl walked in, who was wearing torn and dirty clothes. She looked famished. She came and sat amongst the student. Everyone started whispering and staring at her. The teacher kept teaching. Finally, one girl got up and asked, Mam, what is she doing here? Why are you not asking her to leave? Another one also got up and asked the same. Then there were multiple voices. One boy said that please ask her to leave, she may steal from someone’s bag. You can never trust these people. The girl looked up and said, I am not a thief! Then there was this boy who was quiet he raised his hand. The teacher asked him to speak. The boy said, she looks famished, can we get something to eat? The girl in the torn clothes looked up and started crying. Another one had an apple and she shared. The poor girl ate the apple and looked up like she was asking for more. One boy got out of the room and came back with a sandwich and the girl finished. The girl thanked and shared that she was being chased by a dog and she was poor and had not eaten for one day. She shared that, her mother died and the father married someone else. She was kicked out by her new mother. Everyone felt very sad. Then the girl shared that she had also gone to school and she shared her maths aptitude. She was an intelligent girl and everyone was surprised by her acumen. The first girl apologized and shared that she had judged her by her clothes and now, she was able to see her intelligence. The teacher asked the poor girl to come along and asked her if she would teach small students and do small work and she agreed. And also she started studying at the same school.

So one looked at her as poor and felt, that she could not sit next to her.

One boy said, she might be a thief.

Another one saw that she was famished.

The teacher saw her intelligence.

The girl was the same but everyone looked at her differently. It depends on us, and how we see things. Things are the same. We need to train ourselves to see the good in everything.

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