Receive with gratitude and give without ego.

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One of the old friends called up, who was very upset. She had another friend, whom she had helped a lot whenever the other friend needed any help. But when she was in need, the other friend turned her back. The other friend could have helped but had to step out of the comfort zone. So my friend was furious. Things sorted out but the bitter feeling was lingering on.

So my question was, your friend did not help, but did you receive help anyway? And the answer was yes. Whatever you have been giving, you have been receiving many folds? And the answer was yes. Then do not hold any bitter feeling. You helped your friend because that was your nature and she did what was her nature.

You did not stop helping people and God did not stop helping you. Maybe it was from a different source, different than you had expected but still you were helped. We all have a presence of God inside us. When you help someone genuinely, you help God. Do not look at the outer shell. Give without ego. Do not think you have helped someone. Know that you are just a channel. He helped and he received help.

When you receive, when someone else helps, be grateful. Everything is sorting out. You are taken care of. Who is doing what does not matter? Continue doing what you think is right. Do not stop helping or giving because of others’ bad behavior. Keep doing. Everything is taken care of.

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